CONCERT: December 2018

Gary WitleyMember's Only

Final Concert Order: Concert Order


FOR TENORS—Jingle Bells Hallelujah

I have recorded your tenor louder over the performance audio. You will hear three versions – each a different speed: The original speed, a slower speed and a VERY SLOW speed. You can chose the one that helps you learn the part. All the notes and rhythms are the same.

December seating (women see the specific parts indicated for “Tundra”) Dec_2018_seating_v2

Great video link for the women’s tune, TUNDRA. Thanks to Julie Moffat for finding this:





Welcome Yule_Glockenspiel


Wenceslas_Bells1 copy

Wenceslas_Bells2 copy

Wenceslas_FingerCymbal copy

Wenceslas_HandDrum copy


White is in_Drum

White is in_Finger Cymbals