Harmony Sweepstakes – A Cappella Festival

Harmony Sweepstakes brings together top a cappella talent from around the Pacific Northwest. MCE has hosted this regional competition for decades, and it’s one of the hottest tickets of the year. The winning group, chosen from among tonight’s performers, will have the honor of competing at the National Finals. Tight harmonies, rhythmic beat-boxing, slick dance moves, brilliant original tunes – and with 2019’s popular returning champs, The Baudboys, as hosts.


Want to audition to participate in this year’s Harmony Sweepstakes?

All groups must audition in order to compete. This is done by sending a completed application packet, audio recording and entry fee to the regional director. Please download and fill out the application and download and read the rule book.

Spring Into Song

Spring is all about renewal, as the world breathes in a new season of life. Music is a fine way to celebrate the feeling of spring – with songs that speak of hope and a fresh look at the world. Masterworks’ program tonight will open hearts and brighten the spirit with songs like The Road Not Taken, It Might As Well Be Spring, and A Day In The Life of the Sun.

Disney: A Wonderful World of Music

Music lies at the heart of the Disney experience. Most of us can probably hum personal favorites from films that now span more than eighty years. From Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (1937) to 2018’s Mary Poppins Returns – with modern classics like Frozen and The Lion King in between – there is an ocean of Disney tunes to choose from. In this concert, Masterworks explores that wonderful world of music – Disney style.