Officers of the Board of Directors

President: Tim Horine
Vice President: Mary Tennyson
Secretary: Cassie Willis
Treasurer: Phyllis Villeneuve
Assist. Treasurer: Ana Martin

Members of the Board

Ron Armstrong
Doreen Hodgkins- Accountant
Kayla Emerson
Katie Greer
Julie Moffat
Mark Rhodes
Christine Spaulding
Mary Tennyson

Committee Chairs

Auction: Ana Martin, Abby Bowers
Budget and Finance: Phyllis Villeneuve
Choral Operations: Lyle Tribbett
Harmony Sweepstakes: Gary Witley, Meggin Turk
New Members: Jodi Santillie
Marketing: Julie Moffat
Outreach: Mark Rhodes
Salute to the Arts: Janet McLane
Subscriptions and Tickets: Doreen Hodgkins & Christine Spaulding
Youth Music Competition: Debbie Robinson

Section Leaders

S-1: Doreen Milward
S-2: Maribeth Moore
A-1: Connie Groven
A-2: Doreen Hodgkins
Tenors: Bill Henderson
Basses: Dan Rubin